The kid’sbedspread should not be too heavy or too big. The ventilation and the insulation of a real eider or goosedown bedspread is of course better than bedspreads made from synthetics and also in most cases more healthy. It is necessary to weather the bedspread regularly and to clean it according to need.

By choosing bedding we should make sure that the kid is not unduly provoked or stressed. Picture patterns that are in fact advertisements for movies and certain toys (Barbie, Spiderman and so on) are probably not too feasible in a place where the kids are supposed to rest and should not be exposed to stressful factors.

When considering textiles, such as bedding and clothes it is necessary to keep in mind that many colorants and production processes include acid baths and the application of toxic chemicals, some of which can be detrimental to health. As the production itself often causes serious environmental problems and health loss, it has to be kept in mind however that some textiles are more environmentally friendly than others.

Cotton is one of the most harmful raw materials because of the many toxins that are used in its production. For each kg of cotton made, about one kg of toxins is needed. If you, however, decide to choose organically grown cotton, you can rest assured that almost all toxins have been prohibited and that the use of harmful chemicals during the growth of cotton is absolutely minimized.

Environmental labeling such as the Nordic Swan ensures that the production process was environmentally friendly. Ecological labeling (on many labels from all over the world) shows that the product has been produced using ecological methods. Fair trade labeling then finally guarantees that the product has been produced fairly, that is without detrimental effects to the workers, and that they receive fair pay for their work.

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