Endurvinnslukortið IconNature.is has been taking some of the webs features and put them into handy apps.

Firs to market is the Recycle Map that has been released to App Store for iPhone and iPad and will be available for Android soon to come.

Get the Recycle Map App for iPhone og iPad in App Store.

The Recycle Map gives you a comprehensive picture of recycling opportunities in Iceland, showing you where the nearest recycle containers and recycling services are located. It also informs you of the waste categories that are accepted at each location.

The Recycle Map is sponsored by the Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources, Sorpa bs., Úrvinnslusjóður, The Environment Fund of Landsbanki Íslands, Gámaþjónustan, Sorpstöð Suðurlands bs. and the city of Reykjavík. Nature.is greatly appreciates this support!

Click here to view the Recycle Map web version in English on Nature's website.

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By scanning the QR code you get direct access to the iPhone and iPad app in iStore.

May 4, 2014
Einar Bergmundur, Guðrún Arndís Tryggvadóttir „Smáforrit Náttúrunnar - Endurvinnslukortið“, Náttúran.is: May 4, 2014 URL: http://nature.is/d/2012/06/27/smaforrit-apps/ [Skoðað:July 23, 2024]
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