Clothing and textiles with the quality label NATURTEXTIL always begin with natural fibres. Cotton, wool, silk, linen and all other natural fibres as well as natural fibre blends are processed in ways that preserve and enhance their unique qualities.In the production it is not allowed to use substances that are ecologically harmful or harmful to health. Besides, there are strict social criteria to guarantee fair working conditions for all people participating in the production. Independent testing institutes (currently the Institut für Marktökologie (IMO), CH-Sulgen, and eco-Umweltinstitut, Cologne) regularly inspect both production facilities and the product itself. Only when testing results meet IVN’s quality standards is a garment awarded the quality label NATURTEXTIL.Critical consumer advocates like the German Verbraucherinitiative e.V. (press release of March 2000) and Öko Test (Special Issue Kosmetik und Naturtextil/2000) officially recommend NATURTEXTIL as the only trustworthy natural textile label.